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NorthstarMLS® supports over 20,000 REALTORS® in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. They provide participating brokers and agents with fast and reliable access to the information services and resources that make the Real Estate market function efficiently and effectively for both buyers and sellers.

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MLS Billing Information:

NorthStar MLS Services are billed on a quarterly basis: March, June, September and December. Payments are due by the last day of the billing month.

Core Services

Northstar has a powerful assortment of tools that simplify your business. Click here to see all the core services Northstar has to offer.

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Click here to find helpful guides and videos about the tools and products available to you with your NorthstarMLS subscription.

Rules and Regulations

Click here for the NorthstarMLS Rules and Regulations.

MLS Down?

If the MLS ever goes down, all is not lost! Click here to see how you can still access listing information and other tools.