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Add Supra eKEY® software to a supported Android™, Apple® or BlackBerry® smart phone and turn your key into a lockbox key. Check out the  current list of mobile devices that are compatible with the eKEY software system.  (BlackBerry® 10, Windows Mobile® and Google® Project Fi  phones are currently not supported.)


The Supra eKEY service charge is $11.37 +tax per month and Supra charges a $50 activation fee for new contracts. The monthly service fee is paid directly to Supra via credit card or checking account and will continue until you cancel your eKEY contract in writing, even if you are an inactive member.  Outstanding balances owed to Supra must be paid in full before any key reactivation. For help with eKEY billing issues, please call Supra at:  1-877-699-6787

To obtain an eKEY:
  1. Call the Board Office at 320-253-7149 or email to schedule an appointment.  Key appointments are scheduled from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.
  2. Download the free Supra eKEY application from your smart phone application provider prior to the appointment.
  3. Bring your phone with the loaded application and form of payment to set up automatic billing with Supra.  The supra eKEY application will be authorized at your appointment.
  4. New SCAAR Members cannot obtain an eKEY until after their applications are processed and all dues are paid.
  5. Please do not schedule showings until you have an authorized eKEY.

 Supra eKEY
The eKEY software expires each night at midnight. The eKEY software automatically updates each night by connecting to the Supra network using your smartphone's cellular or WiFi service.  In order for an update to occur, your smart phone needs to be turned on and in cell or WiFi coverage, and you need to be in good standing with the Board Office and with Supra. 
If your eKEY software did not update, the next time you open the Supra application, it will attempt to update.  You can also perform a manual update if you are in cell coverage by selecting the Update button.  If you are not in cell coverage, you can obtain an Update Code by going to and log on to SupraWEB or by calling the KIM voiceline at 1-888-968-4032.  For technical service, call Supra at 1-877-699-6787.
Updated Supra eKEY 5.0 App FAQ
Updated Supra eKEY 5.0 App Information
Updated Supra eKEY 5.0 User Manual
Compatible eKEY App Devices

*NEW* Supra eKEY 5.0 Applications on the Android System require your Location Services on your Smartphone to be enabled for the eKEY 5.0 App to function.  Location Services can be accessed in the Settings of your Android Smartphone.

Steps for transferring your eKEY® to a new smartphone:
  1. Download the eKEY Application from your application provider.
  2. Call the Board Office at 320-253-7149 or log on to SupraWeb to obtain an Authorization Code. Upon successful entry of the code, your eKEY will update.


Leasing a DisplayKEY

DisplayKEYs and cradles are available to lease at the Board Office. If you would like to lease a DisplayKEY and Cradle, call the Board Office at 320-253-7149.  Appointments can be made between 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.  Please allow 30 minutes, as a orientation video is required for new DisplayKEY lessees.


 The annual service fee is $145.08 +tax per year and is prorated.  New contracts will require a $50 activation fee.  The yearly service fee is paid at the time the lease contract is signed and is billed annually.  If the invoice is not paid, your key service will be suspended.  For Supra billing questions, you can call 1-877-699-6787. You must return your DisplayKEY and cradle to the Board Office before your contract renews in order for your Supra service contract to be canceled, as Supra will continue to bill you yearly, even if you are an inactive member.  Outstanding balances owed to Supra must be paid in full before any key reactivation, or before upgrading to the eKEY  If you lose your DisplayKEY and do not have insurance for it, the replacement cost is $161.06.  If you lose your cradle, the replacement cost is $106.30.
Since the Display Key and Cradle are leased products, they must be returned to the SCAAR office upon membership termination.

Updating your DisplayKEY
Automatic Update:
Your DisplayKEY would need to be put on the cradle every night for it to update.  This will not only update your key automatically, it will also keep it charged.
Manual Update:
If you miss the automatic update for your key, you can scroll down to "Manual Update"on your key, place it in the cradle, and press "Enter".  This will update your key.
Update Code:
You can also call the KIM Voiceline to get an Update Code for your DisplayKEY at 1-888-968-4032.  This can only be used two times in a row to update your key.
DisplayKEY User Manual and resources


Key Reciprocity

In January 2009, Supra implemented the "Auto-Coop" for Supra users in MN.  Your eKEY or DisplayKEY should automatically update for the following Associations:

  • St Cloud
  • Twin Cities
  • Rochester
  • Mankato
  • Duluth

NOTE: Alexandria is NOT included in the Auto-Coop

SCAAR Members:
In order to show properties in Alexandria (GAAAR) area, you must follow the instructions below:

  • Complete this form.
  • Fax completed form to GAAAR at: 320-762-9021.
  • GAAAR will add your key as a cooperating key.

GAAAR Members:

In order to show properties in the St Cloud (SCAAR) area, you must follow the instructions below:

  • Call the SCAAR Board Office at 320-253-7149 during business hours.
  • After SCAAR adds you as a cooperating key, call the KIM voiceline number for an update code. The number is  1-888-968-4032.
  • Follow the instructions when you call the KIM voiceline.