® Political Action Committee - RPAC

What is RPAC
RPAC is a political action committee that exists exclusively to raise money for and contribute to candidates who support and advance REALTOR® issues. Representing over 15,000 REALTORS®, Minnesota RPAC is the political power behind the state's largest trade association. Garnering nearly $300,000 in annual grassroots support from its members, RPAC is one of the five largest political action committees in the state and the only major state political action committee to be recognized as bipartisan.

Whom does RPAC support?
RPAC supports pro-REALTOR® candidates. RPAC is nonpartisan and contributes to and works with candidates who are RELATOR® allies, regardless of the letter behind their names. In fact, RPAC is the largest political action committee in the state to be recognized as nonpartisan. Of your RPAC contribution, 70% is used to support state and local candidates in your area, while 30% is used to support federal candidates.

Why should I support RPAC?
RPAC isn't charity - it's an investment in your business.
REALTORS® are a key part of the American Dream - home ownership. That dream and your livelihood as a REALTOR® are under threat. REALTORS® face many looming encumbrances on their profession: property tax increases, lack of available financing, and burgeoning burdens on real estate transactions. Here in Minnesota, REALTORS® also face legislators who want to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction, eliminate the property tax deduction, tax real estate services, increase recording fees, and weigh down REALTORS® with more red tape. The stronger RPAC is, the stronger REALTORS® are to thwart these attacks on our industry. That's why we need you to support RPAC.

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How does RPAC raise money?
RPAC is a grassroots organization. It relies on REALTORS® just like you to survive and thrive. RPAC receives contributions of all sizes from REALTORS® from every corner of the state. Many REALTORS® contribute along with their annual dues. Others contribute separately (or again!) at RPAC events, in person at their local associations or online. All RPAC contributions come directly from within the REALTOR® family and are used entirely to support REALTOR® candidates and causes.

Who manages RPAC?
Minnesota RPAC is governed by a Board of Trustees. Its composition is determined by Minnesota RPAC bylaws. Per the bylaws, the Board is composed of up to 23 members. Some Trustees serve in their capacity as a leader in the National Association of REALTORS®. Others are elected due to their role in local associations or as an "at-large" representative.