Supra iBox BT LE (Bluetooth) Lockbox Information
Opening Supra iBox BT LE Lockboxes with an eKEY: **NOTE** You will not need to use the "fob" for most newer smartphones.
  1. In your eKEY App, click on Obtain Key
  2. Type in your pin number
  3. Push up on the key container  to turn on lockbox.  A red blinking light will indicate it is on.
  4. The eKEY Application will unlock the key container.
    Supra iBox BT LE keybox opening instructions 
    Supra iBox BT LE shackle release instructions

(The Display Key will work with the iBox Bluetooth boxes.  You do not need to push up on the key container.)  
Ordering Supra iBox BT LE Lockboxes
If you would like to purchase a lockbox, complete the iBOX BT LE order form and return it to the Board Office.  We will program the lockboxes and call you when they are ready to be picked up.  Lockboxes are $92 each and need to be paid for when they are picked up.

Transferring Supra iBox BT LE Lockbox Ownership
Ownership of Lockboxes can only be transferred by submitting a Lockbox Ownership Transfer Form and submitting it to the Board Office. The signature of the agent that is listed in the Supra System as the owner of the iBox is needed on the form in order to transfer ownership.
Shackle codes can only be changed by programming the lockboxes at the Board Office. 
 Compatible Devices for iBox BT LE lockboxes